Why Not?

Posted: 11/1997 Why Not? Call me a dreamer, but I’m stilling waiting for some crazy all-distance carrier to take advantage of network architecture–not just new technology–and change the way things are done in the public network space. Here’s an example. I routinely am told by the smart guys in the switching world that today’s state-of-the-art […]

New Rules on Tap

Posted: 10/1997 Editor’s Note: This is the first of a two-part series examining issues surrounding slamming. Part One takes a look at the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to revise slamming rules and the effects of those rules, which small long distance carriers claim are unfair at best and an attempt to wipe out the small […]

The Death of a Salesman

Posted: 09/1997 The Death of a Salesman Resellers Face a Critical Juncture By Bob Titsch, Jr. For years pundits have predicted their demise, and resellers continually made fools of them, but it’s resellers themselves who are doing the talking lately. Some industry insiders say the competitive market brings with it the death of a salesman-specifically […]

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