Time for a Tuneup

Between learning The ins and outs of the latest technologies and figuring out how to sell them to their clients, many agents like you may feel like their hands are too full to consider future in the industry. With new developments in technology coming out every week, everyone scrambling to get the latest and greatest […]

And Then… There Were Three

THE $85.8 BILLION DEED has been done and the number of regional Bell companies reduced from four to three. The merger of AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. is not the classic monopoly, but the marketplace is really getting to look much more pre-1984 than ever before, says Bill Collier, co-founder of Oasys Solutions Group, a […]

Workshop Helps CLECs Survive in Era of Consolidation

In an era of unprecedented consolidation, CLEC executives need to know how to keep their companies afloat or make them attractive to prospective buyers. The workshop Financial & Strategic Actions for Success slated for this afternoon at 3:10 p.m. will do just that teach members how to achieve financial and strategic success in an ever-more […]

Playing by Darwin’s Rules

Not much has changed in telecom services when it comes to carrier hotels and colos. Not much, that is, except for VoIP, a technology that seems to be the missing link in the evolutionary telecom chain. VoIP is causing prolific adaptation in the industry, including the decommissioning or upgrading of metal circuit switches; equipment consolidation; […]

Survivor: Telecom

Posted: 10/2002 Survivor: Telecom Who Will Outdo the Competition? Experts Pick Their Favorites Philip Jacobson CONTESTANTS ON THE CBS series Survivor have nothing on today’s telecom executives. Dropped into the heart of the tech bust, these players have had it tougher longer than any two-bit game show contestant. Of course, today’s telecom marketplace is far […]

CARRIER CHANNEL: Can Carrier’s Carriers Survive Over Long Haul?

Posted: 04/2002 Can Carrier’s Carriers Survive Over Long Haul? By Josh Long First came the downward spiral of Vancouver-based 360networks, a latecomer to the let’s-build-fiber-everywhere game. Then Global Crossing Holdings Ltd. boasted to money managers about its fantastic worldwide network weaving in and out of golden capitals like Hong Kong, London and New York. But […]

Thrive & Survive

Posted: 01/2001 Thrive & Survive E-procurement Presents New Efficiencies in Today’s Competitive Climate By Ed Bell and Jeff Trabaudo Many businesses seeking new opportunities in today’s world face operational challenges because of the rapid growth and changes caused from increased Internet usage. Managers are forced to find new ways to thrive and survive, as they […]

Regulatory News – CompTel: Competitors Need Full UNEs List to Survive

Posted: 10/1999 CompTel: Competitors Need Full UNEs List to Survive By Kim Sunderland Unbundled network elements (UNEs) are the lifeblood of many competitors and without the availability of the full and current UNEs list, many of these carriers could suffer dire consequences, according to members of the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel) In a press briefing […]

The Death of a Salesman

Posted: 09/1997 The Death of a Salesman Resellers Face a Critical Juncture By Bob Titsch, Jr. For years pundits have predicted their demise, and resellers continually made fools of them, but it’s resellers themselves who are doing the talking lately. Some industry insiders say the competitive market brings with it the death of a salesman-specifically […]

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