Roundtable Presents Wholesale Survival Tips

Convergence and consolidation are among the factors changing the carrier landscape, and urging wholesalers to revisit and reinvent their business models. To discuss the changes in the market as well as trends and opportunities, COMPTEL has assembled a panel of wholesale executives for an hour-long roundtable this morning. These include Michael Friloux, COO for Citynet; […]

Round Table

Posted: 4/2003 …ON THE FCC’S RULING ON BROADBAND "[S]mall businesses should be disappointed by the commission’s decision to alter the deregulatory framework governing broadband services by the Bell monopolies. We believe that the provision will lead to higher DSL service prices and less broadband availability for small business customers." –Karen Kerrigan, chairman, Small Business Survival […]

Reshaping Your Business for Survival

Posted: 11/2002 Reshaping Your Business for Survival By Casey Freymuth WE’VE ALL SEEN THE ARTICLES ON SURVIVING an economic downturn. The first wave appeared in early 2001. Bullish experts told us not to sweat it — that the sky was not falling, and telecom and tech companies shouldn’t forego long-term growth strategies for a short-term […]

Survivor: Telecom

Posted: 10/2002 Survivor: Telecom Who Will Outdo the Competition? Experts Pick Their Favorites Philip Jacobson CONTESTANTS ON THE CBS series Survivor have nothing on today’s telecom executives. Dropped into the heart of the tech bust, these players have had it tougher longer than any two-bit game show contestant. Of course, today’s telecom marketplace is far […]

Soap Box – Voice Agent Survival 101

Posted: 04/2001 Soap Box Voice Agent Survival 101 Crossing Over While Maintaining Perspective By Brad Miehl Today’s telecom agent is under pressure–a lot of pressure. The carriers and the press talking about the doom and gloom of voice business are hitting them from all directions. If a traditional voice agent is to survive, he or […]

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