Channel Partners News – Coming to Vegas is No Gamble

Coming to Vegas is No Gamble By Tara Seals The Channel Partners Conference & Expo is bringing together a diverse mix of suppliers to the expo hall this year, ranging from the tried and true to those offering exciting new services. To make things even better, conference organizers have built in networking events to help […]

Congress Sure to Revisit ’96 Act in 2005, Panelists Say

A serious review of the 1996 Telecommunications Act in the next Congress was a virtual certainty, according to key professional staff members from both the House of Representatives and the Senate during an appearance before the ALTS 2004 Business and Policy Conference this week. They said legislation likely would not occur until the second session, […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Expert Eye,What kinds of sales strategies can I use during the holiday season to boost my numbers? I’m a subagent and I’d like to end 2004 on a great note.Thanks,Anonymous Dear Anonymous, Great question! The holiday season is often a frustrating one for sales representatives in any industry, as many customers and prospects take […]

Protect Against Prepaid Service Problems

Can your agreement protect you from prepaid scams and prepaid service problems? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a solid “maybe.” If you find yourself involved in a true scam, chances are the company scamming you will not have the financial wherewithal to remedy your damages (this is, of course, assuming you have negotiated […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Sir, In your experience, what are the most reliable and trusted Internet marketing methods which would best serve to bring in qualified business leads to our independent communications consultancy? We have direct and reseller contracts with many major vendors, but great services and rates mean little if you can’t get the word out. Like many […]

We’ll Leave the Connection on For You

New Edge is going after the market with humorous ads in a postcard format. Front shown here. Hotels, conference centers, resorts and even some budget accommodation chains are turning to advanced communications services to separate them from a dense field of competitors and get heads into beds: Real-time front-office applications, guest services and guest-room amenities […]

Personalization:The Key To Success In E-Marketing

Posted: 04/2002 Personalization: The Key To Success In E-Marketing By Maribeth Kuzmeski You already know marketing is about relationships. If you were a door-to-door salesman, you’d call Mrs. Jones by name, smile and make eye contact, and you’d show her how you could make her life easier. If you were sending her a direct mail […]

Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing

Posted: 09/1998 Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing By Ken Branson As the competitive seas are overrun, long distance companies are crowding on canvas and lightening ship. Anything that isn’t a "core competency" or "strategic" or can be done more efficiently by someone else may be dropped over the corporate gunwale. This includes call […]

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