T@G Master Agent Certification Program

PHONE+ and its T@G Partner Portal are rolling out the telecom industrys first master agent certification program in order to bring clarity to the definition of this unique player in the distribution channel. The definition of a master agent has been a moving target, says Marla Ellerman, group publisher of PHONE+. Everyone has opinions but […]

Surviving in the New ‘Incremental Economy’

Posted: 12/2002 Surviving in the New ‘Incremental Economy’ THE RULES HAVE CHANGED FOR SUPPLIERS of IT products and services. With industry revenue growth constrained to the mid-single digits, new go-to-market strategies must replace those used during the previous period of hyper expansion. IT markets are entering a new era that Aberdeen Group Inc. has coined […]


Posted: 10/2001 E Channel NEWS BRIEFS* Integrated Global Communications (IGC, has joined the growing list of suppliers service clients of KeyProcure, a business-to-business e-marketplace run by KeyCorp (, one of the nation’s largest multiline financial companies with assets of approximately $86 billion.KeyProcure enables Key’s middle-market corporate clients — those in the $10 million to […]

Safe Haven for Crapshooters

Posted: 05/2001 Safe Haven for Crapshooters For anyone looking for signs of better times ahead in the telecommunications business, last month’s AgENt show in Las Vegas was a good place to be. That’s really saying something, considering the fact that a more likely expectation would have been that this event, like so many others in […]

Agency Channel: Supplier Support

Posted: 03/2000 Supplier Support: Deal Maker or Breaker By Jill Collins While a competitive rate is important, the support provided to agents can make or break a supplier relationship. Support can include an attentive agent manager, on-time commissions, an Internet password-protected website, timely provisioning or anything in between. Independent agents need to know what support […]

TAG, You’re It

Posted: 10/1999 TAG, You’re It If you’ve ever taken the time to read PHONE+’s tagline (it’s underneath the logo on the cover … go ahead and take a look), you’ll see that it’s not only a trade magazine for carriers and resellers, but for agents as well. Uniquely, PHONE+ devotes a portion of its monthly […]


Posted: 10/1997 Interlopers? Shifting technological paradigms can be quite hazardous. Steam engines replacing sails, transistors usurping vacuum tubes and the development of the integrated circuit and microprocessor are examples of paradigm shifts that destroyed whole industries and replaced them. Needless to say, industry-leading companies rarely survive such shifts. It isn’t clear yet whether client-server architecture […]

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