T-Mobile Touts More Big Subscriber Gains, But Loses $94 Million

T-Mobile announced its addition of 1.4 million postpaid subscribers in the third quarter and now projects it will add a total of up to 4.7 million subscribers this year, however these subscribers come at a cost, according to The Wall Street Journal.

InPhonex Offers VARs Free Phone Adapter With U.S., Canada Plan LLC (Booth 627), a privately held provider of Internet telephony, announced at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo it is offering resellers a free Linksys PAP2 telephone adapter with new orders for the U.S. and Canada Unlimited plan with quarterly payment. InPhonex said the incentive allows the company to help its VARs compete against […]

Play by Play: The Cable Modem/DSL Showdown Continues

Cable modem versus DSL for those watching the cableco-RBOC death match, a critical prong of the triple play competition isnt yielding a clear winner. While cable trails worldwide, here in the United States, its ahead. That gap however is closing and DSL is edging closer to the lead. But even so, it looks like cable […]

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