FCC Pushes VoIP Subscriber Acknowledgement Deadline to October

The FCC once again has extended the deadline requiring VoIP service providers to get acknowledgement from subscribers that they might not have access to E911 calling. The commission in August had threatened to cut off subscribers who had not responded, but changed that deadline to Sept. 29. Yesterday, the group said VoIP providers now have […]

FCC Changes Deadline that Threatened VoIP Subscriber Cut-Off

The FCC on Friday morning extended the deadline for VoIP providers to gather subscribers’ acknowledgements that they might not have access to E911 calling.Commissioners moved the date from Aug. 29 to Sept. 28, giving providers some relief from the fear that thousands of VoIP subscribers stood to lose their service if they did not respond […]

Synchronoss, 3PV Partner to Help VoIP Providers

Synchronoss Technologies Inc. and Third Party Verification Inc. have teamed to help broadband operators increase their subscriber numbers and abide by regulatory requirements. They say the increased adoption of VoIP led them to partner to offer local number portability (LNP), e-commerce order management technology and third-party verification services. Synchronoss Technologies Inc. provides e-commerce channel automation […]

CloseCall to Use CommPartners for VoIP

MobilePro Corp. subsidiary CloseCall America has signed a commercial agreement with VoIP wholesaler CommPartners to offer digital phone service to CloseCall America broadband users. “Our goal is to give customers a choice in how they want their telephone service provisioned without noticing any difference in the quality of service or the number of service options, […]

A+ Promotes Flat Rate Virtual Office

A+ Conferencing (Booth 305) is promoting a resale program for its TeleCenter toll-free, flat-rate virtual office service. With TeleCenter, subscribers can stay in touch with their prospects, customers and distributors without worrying about per-minute fees or excess charges for inbound calls, A+ says. According to A+, TeleCenter enables subscribers to present themselves as well-established businesses […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: Riddle Me This

Posted: 3/2004 Riddle Me This Uncovering the Enigma of Prepaid CRM By Cara Polinski Which came first the payment or the service? Some operators and service providers ask themselves this question and they let the answer determine how they handle the customer. In the world of prepaid, customer relationship management (CRM) often is overlooked. The […]

Mobile Data: Prepaids Next

Posted: 3/2004 Mobile Data: Prepaids Next Move By Mark Denton As mobile voice services continue to mature, most service providers are finding slowing market growth, requiring that they implement new services to maintain revenue. Prepaid data services are one market segment that provides immediate revenue opportunities. While the ideal subscriber is on a monthly postpaid […]

Mediation Gets Active

Posted: 2/2004 Mediation Gets Active Advanced Subscriber Services Require More Interactive OSS By Rick Woods A mediation system has been a critical component of the OSS since the early 1980s. In its role as the funnel for usage information from the network, mediation has always played a passive role in the subscribers experience. Traditionally, mediation […]


Posted: 01/2000 NEWS BRIEFS? WorldxChange Communications ( has a new agent program called xPECTATIONS, which offers agents a variety of discounted programs to residential and business customers almost anywhere in the United States. Elite representatives of Worldx-Change xPECTATIONS pay a $299 entry fee to become an agent and have a choice between the company’s 2 […]

Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘NewEdge’

Posted: 01/2000 Meshing Voice and Data at the ‘New Edge’ Toward Seamless Multiservice Networks By Richard Connaughton The first humanoid who picked up a rock and used it as a tool hardly could have imagined how this simple act ultimately would lead to the tools we take for granted today, from the laptop PC to […]

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