AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 – FEB. 18) Aquarians, Aquarians. Wherefore art thou, Aquarians? The Aquarian craving to be original and inventive no doubt stems from Aquarius ruling planet, Uranus. Whereas celestial bodies usually are named after figures in classical mythology, the moons of Uranus, numbering nearly 30, get their monikers from the writings of William Shakespeare […]

Raindance Debuts Meeting Edition Conferencing Service

Raindance Communications Inc. (Booth 604) is demonstrating its new Raindance Meeting Edition Web conferencing service. The company says the technology creates a remote meeting environment that rivals the collaboration of in-person meetings. Integrated audio, Web and video facilitate more natural, productive communication among participants, the company says. Raindance invites interested agents and resellers to learn […]

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