CompTIA: SMBs Will Spend Money With Innovative Partners

Seth Robinson, CompTIA’s senior director of technology analysis, tells Channel Partners the findings “do move us more down the path … to the overall use of technology instead of various pieces here and there.”

Cloud Contact Centers Poised for Huge Growth

Cloud contact-center software is also appealing because for most businesses, it’s a low-cost, quick-to-implement alternative which delivers the flexibility needed by organizations to enable growth and expansion.

Businesses Overconfident About IT Security

Only 13 percent of firms say theyve made drastic changes to their security approach over the past two years surprising when you consider the adoption of cloud computing, BYOD and social tools.

Private-Line Services Market to Decline

A new study shows that the $35 billion U.S. private line services market is expected to decline 1 percent annually over the next five years as the shift to packet-based services offsets demand for higher bandwidth private lines.

Smartphone Users Focus on Security, Not Call Quality

Sixty-eight percent of people surveyed said keeping information secure is the most important thing their wireless carrier can do, while 52 percent said maintaining service quality and reliability is most critical.

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