Verizon: Strike, Hurricane, Flooding Created Issues

A one-month span from early August to early September was one to remember or forget for Verizon Communications, which says its made significant progress making repairs and reducing trouble tickets.

Verizon Strike Ends Without Major Resolution

The two sides say they made progress hashing out a number of regional and local issues, enough to take employees off the picket lines and put them back to work starting Monday night. But not all picketers are impressed.

Poll: Verizon Strike Who’s Right?

The union strike against Verizon is already taking its toll on union workers, non-union employees and Verizon executives. So who’s right to stick to their guns in this squabble over healthcare, pensions and more?

Verizon Strike To Cost Company Millions

One of the unions that represents Verizon workers claims the telecommunications giant is trying to strip away 50 years of collective bargaining gains for middle class workers and their families.”

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