Poll: Verizon Strike Who’s Right?

The union strike against Verizon is already taking its toll on union workers, non-union employees and Verizon executives. So who’s right to stick to their guns in this squabble over healthcare, pensions and more?

Verizon Strike To Cost Company Millions

One of the unions that represents Verizon workers claims the telecommunications giant is trying to strip away 50 years of collective bargaining gains for middle class workers and their families.”

Verizon Workers OK Strike if Necessary

Union workers say Verizon Communications simply wants too many concessions, so theyre committed to go on strike if nothing changes before their three-year contract expires soon.

Bomb Threats Work? Nortel France Settles Labor Dispute

Just days after threatening to blow up their plant, Nortel workers in France have come to an agreement with company administrators over a severance-pay dispute. The company has agreed to keep the Chateaufort facility operating until at least Aug. 16. That’s the closing date for bids to buy the operation. Details about severance pay for […]

Nortel Ex-Workers Protest Absence of Severance Pay

Nortel Networks Corp. workers in Northern Ireland are not feeling the luck o’ the Irish today. Over the past few months, bankrupt Nortel has laid off about 100 employees and, as it’s done to staff in the U.K., stiffed them for severance pay (or redundancy, as it’s known in Europe). Those former workers have grown […]

AT&T Worker Accuses Union of Threats

An AT&T employee in St. Louis says the Communication Workers of America union threatened him with legal action, and he’s not happy about it. David McBride has filed unfair labor charges against the CWA, saying union officials told him they would take him to court if he decided not to go on strike, an event […]

MetTel Integrates With UCN, Sells inContact Application Services

UCN Inc. on Tuesday announced a partnership with MetTel Inc. (Metropolitan Telecommunications), in which the two companies will interconnect their respective networks, enabling MetTel to sell UCNs inContact application services to its customer base. MetTel customers will gain access to network-based contact-handling capabilities that improve customer contact quality and rep productivity, without the associated costs […]

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