What Will the RBOCs Do Next?

Posted: 2/2003 special report: viewpoint What Will the RBOCs Do Next? By Andrew O. Isar and Lisa Korner Butler AFTER INITIATING PERHAPS one of the most bloody and costly regulatory battles ever fought to retain market dominance, what’s left for the RBOCs to do? As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) review of incumbent unbundled network […]

Agents, SMBs Central for WorldCom’s First 100 Days

WorldCom Inc. ( chairman and CEO Michael Capellas has laid out a plan for 2003’s first 100 days, leading up to the filing of the bankrupt giant’s plan of reorganization in April. A laser-like focus on the small and medium business (SMB) market, initiatives for new products and services, new ethics guidelines and management reorganization […]

Sprint’s Data Reorganization Spurs Channel Enhancements

Sprint Corp.’s ( data services reorganization will centralize portfolio access for partners and resellers, and it will offer a unified sales team, a dedicated back-office support organization and individualized marketing plans for partners. Along with the enhancements, the carrier will implement deeper accountability policies. The carrier announced July 12 it would decommission its DSL platform […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: WorldCom Sends Mixed Signals Regarding Agents

Posted: 07/2002 WorldCom Sends Mixed Signals Regarding Agents By Tara Seals WITH THE EFFICIENCY OF A JEDI LIGHTSABER, WorldCom Inc. COO Ronald Beaumont shook up the channel galaxy in May. Beaumont said during a teleconference with analysts and the press that WorldCom’s agent program has been somewhat unsuccessful, and the carrier would scale back its […]

BellSouth In-Region Entry Includes Channel Strategy

Following last week’s approval by the FCC of its first application to provide long-distance services in Georgia and Louisiana, BellSouth Corp. ( announced today that it has begun to provide such services to retail customers and also will be making them available for sell through its agent and reseller channels. Chris Anderson, vice president of […]

Is Telecom Dead?

Posted: 05/2002 Is Telecom Dead? Even though a lot of us old-timers will be slow to give up the more familiar terminology, our industry already is embracing the strategies and concepts represented in Segars’ evolved model. Segars is a professor and director for the Institute for Technology and Strategic Change at the University of North […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: The Good, The Bad and the UNE

Posted: 04/2002 The Good, The Bad and the UNE Resellers Draw on UNE-P in Local Service Showdown By Kim Sunderland INSTEAD OF LETTING THE Bell operating companies (BOCs) beat them at the local game, numerous competitive carriers are opting to use the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P).UNE-P increasingly is viewed as the best first step […]

Wholesale Channel:   Wholesale Utilicoms Plug Into Alternate Channels

Posted: 2/2002 Wholesale Channel  Wholesale Utilicoms Plug Into Alternate Channels By Khali Henderson Progress Telecom, a provider of wholesale telecommunications services and a subsidiary of Progress Energy, expanded its sales division with the launch in December of an Alternate Channels program.Progress Telecom joins other utilicoms, including FPL FiberNet, that made similar moves in 2001. FPL […]

ROUND TABLE: On bias toward facilities-based local market entry strategy…

Posted: 1/2002 ROUND TABLEOn bias toward facilities-based local market entry strategy… "Verizon has always said and, by the way, Congress through the Telecommunications Act of 1996 intended that facilities-based competition is the ultimate goal of a truly competitive marketplace. The system for leasing parts of a company’s network or reselling service was meant as an […]

Trading Desk – Software to Help RateXchange Chop IP Services into Pieces

Posted: 10/2001 Trading Desk Software to Help RateXchange Chop IP Services into Pieces By Josh Long RateXchange Corp. plans to activate routers in network access points around the country during the fourth quarter. The activation is part of its strategy to accelerate the number of transactions involving IP services. The new offering is in competition […]

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