Wholesale – Storm Protection

Posted: 07/2001 Wholesale Channel Storm Protection Difficult Financial Times, Uncertain Regulatory Climate Make Resale-to-UNE-P Switch a Profit-Building Option By Kim Sunderland The much-heralded unbundled network element platform (UNE-P) provides a basic network platform that many industry sources say can support multiple business plans and pricing strategies successfully. Unfortunately, a growing number of experts believe federal […]

Business News – CityNet Raises $275 Million to Build Last Mile

Posted: 06/2001 Business News CityNet Raises $275 Million to Build Last Mile By Josh Long CityNet Telecommunications Inc. ( raised in April $275 million in equity and debt financing to fund its last-mile broadband network rings in first- and second-tier markets.The investments allow the Maryland-based wholesaler to develop rings in the cities where it has […]

E-Channel – Lack of Tools, Strategy Hampers e-Business Web Efforts

Posted: 04/2001 E-Channel Lack of Tools, Strategy Hampers e-Business Web Efforts By Becky Bracken Wide variations in adoption and implementation of e-business strategies are typical in any industry, but they are even more noticeable within the conservative telecommunications sector. There are communications service providers that have been early adopters of complex Internet functionalities like electronic […]

Business News – Global Crossing Kicks Off New Wholesale Products, Announces Strategy

Posted: 04/2001 Global Crossing Kicks Off New Wholesale Products, Announces Strategy By Tara Seals Global Crossing Ltd. ( announced its new global positioning strategy and launched the latest additions to its wholesale portfolio at CompTel’s 20th Anniversary Conference in Orlando, Fla. New products include metro networks, burstable IP capacity, fast and gigabit Ethernet access options, […]

Service on a Portal

Posted: 01/2001 Service on a Portal Web-user Interface Enables Enhanced Communications By Khali Henderson Communications portal. What does that mean? If you think of Internet telephony service providers such as Net2Phone Inc. ( and (, you’d be right–at least under the strictest definition. Certainly by now, Webster’s wordsmiths would have added a few more […]

Telecoms Lack a Winning Strategy

Posted: 10/2000 Telecoms Lack a Winning Strategy Richard Ellenberger My youngest daughter grew up playing soccer, so I can truly say there is no experience quite like watching a youth soccer game–20 enthusiastic, energetic, but unfocused kids, all arms and legs, chasing the ball around the field.What distinguishes this game from the one played by […]

The Pitch: Marketing Success Takes Common Sense

Posted: 07/2000 Marketing Success Takes Common Sense By Maureen Rhemann Marketing does not come naturally to everyone. In many ways, it is an acquired skill rather than an innate ability. The whole idea behind marketing is the ability to use a collection of techniques to entice a customer to buy a product. Many companies make […]

Ethernet’s Star Rises Again

Posted: 08/2000 Delivering QoS via Application-Based Routing By Alex V. Petrov The IP has become the de facto platform for the long-hailed convergence of communications, computers and content.On the forefront of this revolutionary transformation is ferocious competition in the voice and fax services markets, where VoIP technology has made deep inroads into PSTN. Close optimization […]

Local Resellers Slide Over to the Internet

Posted: 06/2000 Local Resellers Slide Over to the Internet Even the Die-Hards Back Away By Ken Branson A little more than a year ago, UniDial Communications Inc. ( and Bell Atlantic Corp. ( announced what they said was the biggest local service resale deal ever: a $300 million, five-year deal with discounts much deeper than […]

Agency Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 05/2000 News Briefs * Newcomer Telera (, which was launched earlier this year as an ASP, is set to explore alternative channel marketing.When founded, the company focused on direct selling to contact centers while partnering at the solution and application levels for lead generation, joint sales calls, joint marketing and customer support. Telera’s core […]

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