Posted: 11/2000 IN BOX ECHANNEL Addition On behalf of TeleGea, thank you for the wonderful story you did on e-channels in the October issue. For our part, we were pleased with the coverage and thought it was a well-done article. Becky Sheetz TeleGea, Inc. Telecom Veteran Joseph Sadoti Passes Away Joseph Sadoti, founder of […]


IN-BOX Good Stuff I don’t believe I’ve missed an issue of PHONE+ since 1996. This latest issue (July 2000) was one of the more informative ones I’ve read in a while. Packed full of good stuff. Your folks are doing a good job. Regards, Boris Gutierrez Info Directions Inc. Desperately Seeking … I read […]

Confused? You’re Not Alone

Posted: 07/2000 Confused? You’re Not Alone Savvy marketers long ago learned to take advantage of marketplace confusion. And, boy, are they having a heyday now. Everybody and his brother are calling themselves an ASP–even under the very loosest of definitions–presumably to capture the mind share and wallets of consumers and Wall Street.In researching this month’s […]

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