Communications Networks Stand Strong During Irene

Of particular importance, all 9-1-1 centers maintained service, the FCC said, with no outages related to public safety communications. That being said, the hurricanes impact isnt over.

A Stormy Night Shows Me the Future

Constant contact and interactivity is in. Instant access and response is in. Are you positioning your products to prospects with this mind? If not, you should be.

RIM: A Rosy Storm Carries It Through Holidays

A Storm for every stocking? BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. is having a happy holiday, this week reporting record sales for the last quarter, ahead of the holiday season. The news is for certain correlated to the launch of the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm handsets, the latter of which RIM has touted as […]

CCH Tackles Form 1041 in Audio Conference

Navigating Form 1041 and the Upcoming Storm will be the subject of a live, 100-minute audio conference to be held Tuesday, May 23, at 2 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. The conference will be presented by CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business and provider of tax information, software and services for telecom and other industries. Robert Barnhill, […]

3PV Weathers Hurricane Charley

3PV – Third Party Verification (Booth 316) is showcasing disaster-recovery planning at the CompTel/ASCENT Fall show by using real-life experience gleaned from surviving Hurricane Charley, which ripped through southern and central Florida in August, causing damage with an estimated cost of at least $15 billion. A Category 4 hurricane packs winds in excess of 131 […]

Wholesale – Storm Protection

Posted: 07/2001 Wholesale Channel Storm Protection Difficult Financial Times, Uncertain Regulatory Climate Make Resale-to-UNE-P Switch a Profit-Building Option By Kim Sunderland The much-heralded unbundled network element platform (UNE-P) provides a basic network platform that many industry sources say can support multiple business plans and pricing strategies successfully. Unfortunately, a growing number of experts believe federal […]

Storm Watch

Posted: 07/2000 Storm Watch Prepayment Puts Unlikely Users into the Path of Internet Fury By Tara Seals There are 150 million Internet users worldwide–a number that is expected to double by the end of the year. While the Internet’s cyclonic momentum appears to be sweeping up everyone in its path, it is missing patches of […]

Batten the Hatches

Posted: 12/1998 Batten the Hatches IXCs Take Local Loop by Storm By Gary Kim Although the tornado of long distance carrier entry into local services hasn’t yet touched down, competing carriers are well-advised to board up their windows. For despite the fact that some of the biggest carriers have scaled back their efforts, the onslaught […]

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