Top 12 Stories in January: Birch, Telarus, More

What was hot in January? A sampling includes AT&T’s new IoT partner program; two well-known channel vets taking new jobs at Telarus and Computex; and our list of predictions for 2017.

What’s the worst sales pitch you ever heard (or threw)?

C’mon, everyone throws a stinker once in a while. There’s got to be one you were pitched or one you pitched that can only summon moans and groans. Feel free to reach back into your early sales career for this one. We won’t hold it against you — sales is the school of hard knocks. […]

What’s one thing you underestimated about being a channel partner?

Everyone loves surprises … except when they don’t expect them. Admit it — this is hard work. Did you think the money was just going to come rolling in? Did you think your suppliers would do all the heavy lifting? Tell us what blind-sided you after you got in the biz. See your anecdote and […]

What is your favorite memory from a President’s Club trip?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The same can be said for channel partners. Fortunately, they are often plied with vacations to lavish resorts. Tell us about your President’s Club or MVP Club adventures on the balmy isles or other paradise playground. (G-rated, OK maybe PG, versions, please. Please also include […]

What’s the most unusual or interesting communications deal you ever sold?

If you are like most channel partners, you are harboring an inner tech geek. This stuff really turns you on. What was the coolest deployment you ever were involved with. If you can, name names. See your anecdote and those of other channel partners below. The most outrageous ones will be published in the PHONE+ […]

What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you on the job?

The funniest things happen when you least expect them … like at work. Tell us what hit your funny bone. (G-rated versions, please.) See your anecdotes and those of other channel partners below. The most outrageous ones will be published in the PHONE+ YOU Edition.

Who was your customer from hell and why?

Don’t look so shocked. We all have them. Tell us all the gory details. Names can be withheld to protect the not-so-innocent. See your anecdote and those of other channel partners below. The most outrageous ones will be published in the PHONE+ YOU Edition.

Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard to Deliver COMPTEL Opening Keynote

When it comes to achieving professional evolution in the face of intense competition and ever-changing business environments, few former athletes have achieved more and have more to share with COMPTELs membership than longtime boxing world champion turned broadcaster, turned entrepreneur, Sugar Ray Leonard. Leonards well-documented career, from which he will draw real-life stories in The […]

Executives Roundtable Shares Stories on Companies’ Extreme Makeovers

It may sound like a cable TV show, but Monday’s “Extreme Makeover” session showed COMPTEL PLUS attendees that competitors are nimble and can evolve their business models in the face of technological and regulatory changes. Joseph Sandri Jr., senior vice president, First Avenue Networks; Bill LaPerch, president and CEO, AboveNet; Bill Capraro, CEO, CIMCO Communications […]

ExchangingThoughts onthe Exchange

IN-BOX Exchanging Thoughts on the ExchangeI was interested to read your recent article “Communications Breakdown” [in the Feb. 21 CompTel Daily on bandwidth exchanges]. You come to the same conclusion I did a year ago; all the proposed “exchanges” are not commodity exchanges at all.Your observations are mostly correct except that regulation is not necessary […]

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