Next Stop 2006

I want to thank everybody for welcoming me to the telecom industry. The last couple of months have been extremely challenging, but also surprisingly fun. Many of you have expressed your support and have been exceptionally helpful to me in my new post. I must admit Ive been somewhat amused at the number of comments […]

Back Office

Revenue assurance may seem an innocuous process of making sure operators get paid for everything they deliver, but the reality is far darker. While systemic miscommunication in data collection and mediation, order-entry systems, rating and billing and other OSS components account for plenty of revenue leakage, carriers also need to think beyond technology and patrol […]

Telcorp Touts Offers

Telcorp International (Booth 507) is launching several new products this month. These include telecom equipment and the ability to sell high-dollar equipment to call centers, hotels and colleges. The company also offers network-based anti-virus systems with high residuals. And it has telecom contracts with major carriers. For more information, stop by the companys booth.

Industry Leaders: Turn, Face the Change

Adapt to change was the advice given to attendees at the CompTel/ASCENT convention in remarks by both the associations CEO H. Russell Frisby Jr., Chairman Sherm Henderson, who is also president and CEO of Lightyear, and its keynote speaker Broadwing CEO David R. Huber. Frisby, quoting a Bob Dylan song, said the times they are […]

Stop Whining

First of all, let me say that I follow the telephone industry closely, but have never worked for a telephone operating company. The article “The Forgotten Quo” from your May issue was interesting, and for the most part factually accurate. But a few things were omitted, and other things were distorted. Congress, in its infinite […]

Panelists Discuss How Systems, Process Combine to Stop Revenue Leakage

Service providers reportedly are losing as much as 11 percent of annual gross revenue as a result of revenue leakage. Today’s panel, "Revenue Assurance & Cost Containment," offers solutions for carriers to positively impact profitability. Participating in the talk show-style round table are Dan Lyman, senior director of service engineering, Transaction Network Services; Ron Van […]

Triggers Signal Stop to UNE-P Traffic

Posted: 10/2003 Triggers Signal Stop to UNE-P Traffic By Josh Long The FCC has listed two triggers that generally would require state regulators to eliminate a resale platform local phone companies predominantly use to serve homes and small businesses. In a nearly 600-page order released in August, the FCC said states must eliminate switching as […]

TAG: A Road Map for Converged Channel Partners

Posted: 011/2002 A Road Map for Converged Channel Partners By Darren L. Spohn and Ron Davis PHONE+’s September cover story, "Changing Face of Channel Partners," described the opportunities VARs, system integrators, interconnects and agents are seeking in their quest to grow revenues and profits with telecom-related products and services. It drew a clear picture of […]

TAG: Fly Me to the Moon

Posted: 08/2002 Fly Me to the Moon It’s Not Rocket Science,but Generating Leads Requires a Flight Plan By Tara Seals LEAD GENERATION IS THE LAUNCHPAD for any sales strategy. Knowledge of the three prongs of success — the homework, the list and the offer — can propel a business into the revenue stratosphere, say sales […]

Opcenter: When the Phones Won’t Stop Ringing

Posted: 09/1999 When the Phones Won’t Stop Ringing By James R. Dukart Ironically, one of the worst things that can happen to a small or medium-sized competitive carrier is that its phones start ringing off the hook. Ringing off the hook, that is, because a flood of new clients needs a variety of services a […]

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