Level 3 Stocks Drop on CFO News

Level 3 Communications Inc. shares fell nearly 9 percent by early afternoon on news that the company is looking for a new CFO. Level 3s stock was trading for $4.47, down 8.78 percent from the opening price of $4.75. CEO James Crowe said CFO Sunit Patel will remain with Level 3 during the transition period. […]

Sprint Stocks Down on Board, CEO Rumors

Sprint shares were down 27 cents during mid-day trading on Friday amid industry rumors that a stockholder wants to sit on the companys board and that CEO Gary Forsee could be on his way out. Relational Investors LLC owns about 1.9 percent of Sprints shares and has stated its concern this week about Sprints management […]

Apple Shares Drop on iPhone News

AT&T Inc.s revelation that only 146,000 people signed up for the iPhone during the highly hyped devices first two days sent Apple Inc.s stocks plunging Tuesday. The figure is much below the 500,000 or more that many analysts had predicted for the phone’s debut June 29. The number AT&T released for its second quarter financial […]

Alltel Stocks Rise on Acquisition Announcement

Alltel Corp. stocks were up by nearly $5 late Monday morning on news that the company will be bought by two private equity firms for $27.5 billion. The deal marks the largest leveraged buyout of a telecom company. Little Rock, Ark.-based Alltel is the fifth-largest wireless carrier in the United States. It also owns the […]

my people Looks to INFONIXX for Directory Assistance

my people, a nationwide residential VoIP service provider, has chosen INFONXX as its provider of enhanced directory assistance services, including information on dining, movies and weather, horoscopes, lottery results, sports scores, stocks and more. INFONXX also will connect my peoples users through VoIP call completion, which means users do not have to remember or write […]

Trading Desk: Going for Brokerage: RateXchange Regroups

Posted: 1/2002 Trading Desk Going for Brokerage: RateXchange Regroups By Tara Seals “We’ll broker wherever the opportunity is, whether it’s minutes or IP or bandwidth or stocks and bonds, but we’re not jumping into opportunities where we don’t have expertise.” –Russ MatulichRateXchange senior vice president RateXchange Corp. plans to be cash-flow positive early this year. […]

Stock Watch: Communication Stocks Rebound After Slight Dip Post-Attacks

Posted: 12/2001 Stock Watch Communication Stocks Rebound After Slight Dip Post-Attacks Communications stocks bounced back with the broader market after concerns related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks briefly sent them lower. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 4.8 percent between Sept. 17 and Oct. 15, while the S&P 500 gained 4.9 percent. Many communications-related […]

Stock Watch: Terrorist Attacks Slam Markets

Posted: 11/2001 Stock Watch Terrorist Attacks Slam Markets The markets, along with the broader economy, came to a virtual standstill following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Trading was halted for four days following the tragedy.Once they reopened, the markets suffered steep losses. Investors fear an already weak […]

Stocks Seesaw on Interest Rate Woes

Posted: 09/2000 Economy Slows May Spell End to Rate Hikes Signs the economy is slowing heartened Wall Street at the end of our session (July 15), as an unexpected drop in the government’s Producer Price Index (PPI) renewed hope the Fed may be done with rate hikes for the year.After six rate increases since June […]

Stocks Seesaw on Interest Rate Woes

Posted: 08/2000 Stocks Seesaw on Interest Rate Woes Wall Street fell and climbed during our reporting period (ending June 15), after the Federal Reserve raised rates as expected by 50 basis points. Recent economic news shows that inflationary pressures may be moderating, and that the Fed may not have to keep hiking interest rates.Technology issues […]

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