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Level 3 Stock Price Keeps Climbing

The stock closed Friday at $2.59 on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, down slightly from a 52-week high ($2.67) attained the previous day.

Apple Investors Will Value Company on Cash, Not Stock

Apple Inc. (AAPL) stocks jumped to new highs in after-hours trading yesterday on news the company posted a higher-than-expected profit in its fiscal fourth quarter. But are investors getting ahead of themselves? That’s the question observers are asking as Apple’s shares command a “huge premium,” according to MarketWatch. Investors could be setting themselves up for a […]

Nortel Buy Could Make Ciena Stock Owners Rich

Anyone with stock in fiber-optic gearmaker Ciena Corp could be a big winner if the company’s bid to buy Nortel’s optical division goes through. Ciena has bid more than a half-billion dollars for not only optics, but also parts of Nortel’s Metro Ethernet division. That might help double Ciena’s stock price in 2010, according to […]

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