Steve Jobs


Inspirational Leadership

An inspirational leader acknowledges the risk but pursues the objective anyway by taking point and responsibility for any failure.

Government Documents Reveal Humanity of Apple’s Jobs

FBI documents released Thursday reveal details that depict an ambitious individual who experimented with illegal drugs, had a child out of wedlock and faced questions concerning his morality and integrity.

10 More Wonderful Days

Interest in SIP trunks, SIP trunking and unified communications fell in 2011, while sales rose. The same held true for video conferencing, which was more surprising given the renewed interest in the technology.

Good Mourning in America

It isnt possible for us to become the genius that Steve Jobs represented. Furthermore, as I understand his management style, it would be divisive if used by a lesser man. So, what is the lesson that we can all learn from him?

Steve Jobs Leaves Behind a Legacy of Revolution and Vision

While the iPhone 4S, announced Oct. 4, is the latest in a set of iconic devices that debuted in 2007 and changed the mobile industry and the very fabric of our lives forever, Jobs contribution to technology in the last 35 years is hard to overstate.

The Invention of Steve Jobs

The word genius has been applied to Steve Jobs in recent days, but perhaps he is more accurately described as a very special human being, an inventor and an incredible entrepreneur.

Despite a Passionate Steve Jobs, iPad 2 Underwhelms

When the iPad 2 ships on March 11, it will be a little thinner, a little lighter, a lot faster, and adds the camera functionality. But the announcement doesnt break any new ground to stave off rivals.

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