Steve Hilton


Cablecos Are a Good Bet for SMBs

If I were a betting man or an SMB business owner or an agent looking for an alternative supplier, Id look to the cable operators for a new level of commitment to and excitement about SMB markets.

SMBs Have Tough Tech Decisions in 2010

Businesses are making tough decisions in 2010. Matching costs to benefits is critical and only doing projects that are critical is a mantra for this first year of a new decade.

ANALYSIS: Cisco Tells HP Its Time To Rewrite Our Vows

Comes a time in every marriage where couples revisit the terms under which they made that solemn, binding commitment. For some it happens within the first year of a tumultuous marriage and for others after 25 years of wedded bliss. What causes us to redefine our relationship? Well, there are as many reasons as there […]

Former Yankee Group Enterprise Head Joins Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason has announced that Steve Hilton has joined the senior ranks. Based in Boston, Hilton will lead the research division’s Enterprise program, which identifies the key issues facing the enterprise, small enterprise and small office, home office (SOHO) ecosystems, and enables leading players to make the right decisions by providing detailed and reliable market […]

Ask Steve: What Were 2009’s Hottest SMB Debuts?

It’s the time of year to highlight the most important SMB-related changes that will have major impact in 2010 and beyond. To make Steve’s top list, the changes have to impact SMBs and channel partners and touch the world’s communications fabric. Think you’ve found a hot new offering, strategy or technology? Let me know about […]

Ask Steve: Is Avaya-Nortel a Good Match?

Is merger-and-acquisition mania beginning to grip our country again? Or maybe we’re just seeing some fire sales as the still-standing grab the fallen at reasonable prices. You be the judge. And I’ll address a great $900 million question I recently received. Q: Nortel and Avaya — a match made in heaven or the other place? […]

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