Channel Partners Expo Lights Up South Beach

Posted: 11/2003 Channel Partners Expo Lights Up South Beach Photos UNE-P champions InfoHighway Communications Inc. The crowd at TMC Communications’ booth Xspedius Communications stays busy The packed "Point/Counterpoint" session Sales Dynamics’ Stu Kolinsky Previous Page | Next page

Court Temporarily Stays Order Governing Wholesale Prices on Large Phone Circuits

A federal appeals court in New York will reconsider a request to stay an FCC order that could require local telephone providers, including InfoHighway Communications Corp. and Metropolitan Telecommunications (MetTel), to pay the regional Bell operating companies more money to lease large circuits used to serve banks, hospitals and other businesses. On Tuesday, the U.S. […]

Wholesale: DSL Provider Stays Course

Posted: 10/2000 DSL Provider Stays Course By Khali Henderson and Ken Branson Following the merger of its wholesale DSL business with that of megacarrier Verizon Communications (, NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. ( expects to bolster its carrier’s carrier strategy by doubling the coverage and resources for improved support services. The companies expect the deal to […]

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