Utility Company and Telecom Subsidiaries

Utility Company and Telecom Subsidiaries Utility Company Name and HQ Telecom Subsidiary Name and HQ Date Telecom Subsidiary Founded Type of Customers Types of Services Offered Now Geographic Service Territory (for Telecom) BEC Energy Boston Beco Communications Boston N/A 1995 Wholesale network provider to RCN Corp., a competieve local exchange carrier (CLEC) with an […]

IntraLATA Toll Dialing Parity:

Posted: 11/1998 IntraLATA Toll Dialing Parity: Last Bastion of the RBOCs By Ernest B. Kelly III Return with me now to late fall 1995, in the last days of the epic struggle to fashion the legislative compromises that eventually would result in the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. In drafting that bill, one […]

The Big Thaw

Posted: 03/1998 By Charlene O’Hanlon Payphone users in the Great White North soon may have the same satisfaction–and headaches–of their American counterparts. That’s because the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is looking into deregulating the pay telephone market–the last bastion of regulated telecommunications services north of the border. The CRTC–the Canadian version of the […]

Being There If You’re Not Global

Posted: 02/1998 By Kathleen Franklin The holidays are over. Thanks to El Niqo, there are freak snowstorms in Guadalajara, and, in most of the rest of North America, winter has dug its heels sharply and grimly into the landscape. On the policy front, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is two years old, and the new […]

Niche Players Among First to Face Competition

Posted: 02/1998 By Casey Freymuth For decades critics have said that the United States doesn’t know what war means because it has never been invaded by armed forces of a foreign nation; that, with the exception of its own, brief civil war, blood has never been shed on American soil; and that, even though the […]

AT&T Leads in Telecom Advertising

Posted: 10/1997 AT&T Leads in Telecom Advertising NEW YORK–According to Competitive Media Reporting (CMR), AT&T spent $105 million to MCI’s $104.8 million on advertising during the three-month period ending March 31. The two companies were followed by Sprint and GTE. Sprint’s Long Distance Residential service was the top-spending brand during the first quarter of 1997, […]

Global Initiatives

Posted: 09/1997 Global Initiatives Latin America: A New Frontier for Those with Time and Energy By Jason Gursky While there still exist many profitable opportunities for carriers and resellers in the U.S. market, many are discovering that overseas markets offer larger growth rates for revenues and profits. For example, AT&T, MCI, Global One, WorldCom, ACC, […]

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