Selling Core Services to Cloud Providers

While the cloud presents opportunities to sell new services, dont forget that it represents a rapidly expanding market segment that needs traditional products that channel partners sell.

Fishing for Finance

Fishing for Finance After some slow years, private money again is fueling the communications sector. Its a breeze for the big-name companies to score funding, yet not so simple for lesser-known providers or resellers. Plus, if you dont want more than $10 million, major investment banks and venture capitalists wont even look at you. So […]

William G. McGowan

THEN: MCI Chairman William G. McGowan underwent a heart transplant in 1987. After a six-month recovery, he returned to his post as chairman until his death in 1992. During his tenure at MCI, the company grew from startup to $9.5 billion and had 16 percent of the American domestic and international long-distance market. NOW: McGowan, […]

Comporium Offers New Security Dealer Program

Comporium Business Solutions (Booth 1452) has launched a Security Dealer Program focusing on telcos planning to expand product lines and increase recurring revenue. Supported by industry leaders Honeywell and ADI, the Comporium Security Dealer Program is designed to deliver products, services and pricing through a unique support structure for new security dealers. We will use […]

Serial Switching Substitute

As CLEC-ILEC relations become further strained amid regulatory uncertainty, various proposals and offerings are emerging to help wean CLECs off ILEC facilities. The latest one is a neutral platform for intercarrier tandem traffic. The offer comes from startup Neutral Tandem. The company has been operating behind the scenes since February and is taking the covers […]

E-Channel: Wholesale Startup Offers E-channel Bundles

Posted: 11/2000 Wholesale Startup Offers E-channel Bundles By Josh Long Unified Signal Holding Inc. ( and ASC Billing Solutions Inc. ( earlier in his career. Unified Signal is backed by Coldstream Capital (

For VocalTec, the Startup Phase is Over

Posted: 09/1998 For VocalTec, the Startup Phase is Over By Ken Branson If Sir Winston Churchill came back as vice president of marketing for VocalTec Communications Inc. and surveyed the Internet protocol (IP) telephony software company’s current situation, he might well recycle one of his great quotes from World War II: "This is not the […]

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