No Quarter

TELECOM OPERATORS HAVE BEEN given no quarter when it comes to revenue leakage. While C-level oversight and more enterprise-wide initiatives for revenue assurance have brought the concept out of the nether regions of the IT department and into the financial limelight, problems arising from the rollout of next-gen services are an enemy that has no […]

Brightpoint Signs Deal With Motorola

Mobile phone distributor Brightpoint Inc. this week said it has signed a set of agreements with Motorola Inc. First, the company will sell Motorolas wireless devices and accessories in various parts of the world, starting in Central Europe. Brightpoints subsidiary, Brightpoint North America L.P., also will serve as an outsourcer of logistic services for Motorola’s […]

COMPTEL CEO: Competitors Must Work on Offensive, Not Defensive, Game

The honeymoon period is over for the new head of the countrys competitive telecommunications industry. Earl Comstock, who was named president and CEO of COMPTEL in June 2005, wants to set a new tone for the organization during his second year as its leader. Rather than just playing defense and going into the next round […]

TAG: Thinking About Starting a Telecom Agency?

Posted: 4/2003 Thinking About Starting a Telecom Agency? Advice from the Trenches By Christine Gistaro If you talk to any telecom agency founder, you can hear the "when I started the company…" lessons, but what do you really need to know, consider and do before you start an independent sales agency? I spoke with some […]

U.S. Efforts to Reduce International Calling Costs Starting to Pay Off

Posted: 10/1998 U.S. Efforts to Reduce International Calling Costs Starting to Pay Off By Carol L. Bowers Notwithstanding the pending lawsuit over the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) attempt to reform international settlement rates last year, the agency is proceeding with an even greater overhaul that it says will benefit consumers worldwide. Regina Keeney, chief of […]

Guerrilla Publishing

Posted: 07/1998 Guerrilla Publishing In many ways, this magazine reflects its audience. It serves a niche market. It has experienced rapid growth. It has taken share away from larger competitors. And, when market conditions necessitate a change, it’s been quick to move. Like many of our readers, the staff of PHONE+ has been known to […]

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