Florida Wholesale Rates: Too High or Low?

There is a showdown over UNE-P brewing in Florida. The Florida Public Service Commission will decide Sept. 6 whether to slash the rates BellSouth Corp. can charge its rivals to lease portions of its network. The state regulatory agency offered one of its commissioners to help broker an agreement between BellSouth and its competitors over […]

Partner Channel Headlines: C&W Trades Direct Sales Reps for Agents

Posted: 03/2002 PARTNER CHANNEL HEADLINES C&W Trades Direct Sales Reps for Agents By Josh Long Rick Dellar Last fall, Cable & Wireless let go nearly its entire direct sales force responsible for its small to medium-sized and large corporate business accounts. As the number of pink slips mounted, independent agents found themselves in a strikingly […]

Round Table

Posted: 2/2002 Round Table   On FCC enforcement of Bell Section 271 compliance …  “As the BOCs continue to gain Section 271 approvals, the bureau may be getting more 271 complaints on backsliding in the coming months. We’re committed to handling them as quickly as we can. But [remember that] the purpose of enforcement is […]

Guerrilla Publishing

Posted: 07/1998 Guerrilla Publishing In many ways, this magazine reflects its audience. It serves a niche market. It has experienced rapid growth. It has taken share away from larger competitors. And, when market conditions necessitate a change, it’s been quick to move. Like many of our readers, the staff of PHONE+ has been known to […]

Building Customer Loyalty With Customer Interface Software

Posted: 04/1998 By Jay Waldron What happens when a customer calls your main number in Sacramento, Calif., with questions regarding an account? Can you answer all those questions? Or do you have to transfer them to a division in Amarillo, Texas, to answer the second question? Does the representative in Amarillo then have to transfer […]

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