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Verizon To Remain Mum on AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Unlike Sprint Nextel, Verizon wont be filing comments with the Federal Communications Commission on a merger that would combine the second- and fourth-largest U.S. wireless operators.

Sprint Files Petition Opposing AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

The nations third-largest wireless provider asked the FCC to deny the transaction, asserting that regulators cannot solve the mergers harmful effects on competition by simply imposing conditions or requiring divestitures.

AT&T Defends Position, Shreds Sprint in Spectrum Debate

In a blog post today, an AT&T executive said the remarks of Sprint CEO Dan Hesse were particularly odd” considering that Hesse has repeatedly boasted that Sprint has the best spectrum position in the industry.”

T-Mobile Lowest Cost Provider: Survey

Despite ranking as the lowest cost provider in a survey, T-Mobile USA continues to struggle with customer turnover. A whopping 49 percent of T-Mobile USA subscribers said they are likely to switch to another provider over the next year, says a new survey.

T-Mobile Will Help AT&T in SMB Space

T-Mobile will strengthen AT&Ts position in the SMB market, specifically among business with fewer than 10 employees and in certain vertical industries like construction.

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