Spirent Releases Tool for Testing IMS Architecture

Spirent Communications, a provider of performance analysis and service management tools, has released the Spirent Protocol Tester, a new platform for testing IMS architecture. Spirent Protocol Tester supports all major VoIP and IMS protocols and media formats, including conformance, protocol, functional and interoperability testing, while providing signaling and media load generation. The tool can test […]

Spirent to IPTV Providers: You Will Be Tested on This

Service providers offering IPTV services for the first time will have just one chance to satisfy customers, so they better get it right the first time, said Spirent plc Vice President Bahaa Moukadam. That means service providers need to be able to control the subscriber experience and deliver a high-quality picture. Delivering a good subscriber […]

Spirent Communications Announces Support for Cisco Protocol

Spirent Communications on Tuesday announced support for Cisco Systems SCCP (Skinny) protocol on its Abacus 5000 IP telephony test migration platform. The Abacus 5000 is an integrated VoIP and PSTN test system in a single platform, allowing enterprises to test VoIP calls from and to the PSTN, evaluate IP PBX systems before they are implemented […]

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