eCHANNEL: Online Telecom Buyers Spend More, Switch More

Posted: 10/2002 Online Telecom Buyers Spend More, Switch More Optimizing Online Sales Strategies Part 1 By Dr. Bonny Brown and Dr. Anthony Bastardi ONLINE CUSTOMERS SPEND more on telecommunications services than do offline customers, but tend to be a less loyal customer segment overall — with more online customers planning to switch telecom service providers […]

ROUND TABLE: on the telecom industry’s economic recovery

Posted: 06/2002 Round Table… … on the telecom industry’s economic recovery“All indicators point toward service providers returning to health in late 2003, but still no noticeable increase in overall capex until 2004. While traffic growth remains strong, average long-haul trunk capacity utilization is just 35 percent and service providers have found numerous means to extract […]

Business News – Bigredwire’s Revenue Model Questioned

Posted: 09/2000 Bigredwire’s Revenue Model Questioned By Chris Garifo Santa Barbara, Calif.-based bigredwire.com Pty. Ltd. (www.bigredwire.com) has launched free interstate and international circuit-switched phone-to-phone long-distance service in the United States, but the jury’s out on whether its revenue model will work.The company allows customers to trade time they spend looking at web advertising for long-distance […]

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