Wi-Max is Hype, but Will That Change?

Wi-Max is a promising technology that could allow service providers to blanket entire cities with Internet access at lightning speeds. It’s all hype for now, but Patrick Leary, Alvarion’s assistant vice president of marketing said there are some key developments on the horizon. "No one can give you a Wi-Max case study" because there are […]

Virtual Peering Speeds Connectivity

Posted: 3/2004 Virtual Peering Speeds Connectivity By Khali Henderson A new service is emerging to allow carriers to peer even when they arent in the same physical location. First advanced last fall by Switch and Data, the so-called virtual peering concept speeds carrier-to-carrier connectivity within a given metro by allowing them to connect at one […]

Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost"

Posted: 12/2000 Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost" By Khali Henderson This month, IP Networks Inc. (www.ipnetworksinc.com) turns up its 300-mile Gigabit IP backbone in Northern California, joining an emerging group of wholesalers gobbling up dark fiber to offer fast pipes for a fraction of the cost. IP Networks and its competitors (see "Select Gigabit IP […]

Regulatory News – Competitive Covenants

Posted: 11/2000 Competitive Covenants: Are BOCs Promising Too Much Too Soon? By Kim Sunderland A class-action lawsuit filed against SBC Communications Inc. (www.sbc.com) alleges the BOC purposely slowed Internet access speeds to preserve bandwidth, while it pulled in thousands of DSL customers through its Project Pronto. The ILEC denies the charges. In New York, Verizon Communications […]

Business News – Sprint ION Spreads Bundled Package to Four Areas

Posted: 09/2000 Sprint ION Spreads Bundled Package to Four Areas By Bruce Christian Businesses and residents in Los Angeles; Orange County, Calif.; Phoenix; and San Diego now can choose a service that gives them multiple telephone lines, videoconferencing, high-speed Internet connections, local and long-distance service over a single broadband connection.Previously, Sprint ION, the integrated on-demand […]

Business News – Broadcom Chip Enables Converged Networks

Posted: 10/1999 Broadcom Chip Enables Converged Networks By Charlotte Wolter Broadcom Corp., Irvine, Calif., announced availability of a new switch-on-a-chip, the StrataSwitch, that will do fast switching of data, voice and video in gigabit Ethernet networks. The wire-speed, multilayer switch combines switching, routing and traffic classification in a single integrated circuit (IC) that replaces as […]

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