WavMax Launches MaxEdge Bundled Services, Seeks Agents

WavMax (Booth 235), a wireless broadband provider of voice, video and data services based in Littleton, Colo., has introduced its MaxEdge suite of applications. With pricing starting at $69 per month, MaxEdge offers bundled services including broadband speeds, VoIP line(s), domain hosting and worldwide Internet roaming. MaxEdge offers the maximum edge on performance-bundled broadband packages […]

CBeyond: IP Peering Speeds VoIP to Enterprises

CBeyond Communications (Booth 708) was a pioneer of what is today generally called IP trunking, a service that links both traditional and IP PBXs to a service provider using IP trunks, saving money and opening the door for expanded services, even on legacy equipment. Building on that effort, CBeyond now is working to establish standards […]

Covad Launches TeleSoho

Covad Communications Group Inc. this week unveiled higher bandwidth broadband service for SOHO and Internet users. The Covad TeleSoho 6mbps/768kbps broadband service offers users maximum download speeds of 6mbps, and upstream speeds of up to 768kbps. This means multiple users within the same small office or home can share a broadband connection and still receive […]

Conference Group Speeds Provisioning, Call Initiation

The Conference Group (Booth 820) announces enhancement to its Instant Passcode Link and On-Demand Outlook Integration for its conferencing services. Introduced in 2004, the Instant Passcode Link provides an on-demand customer interface that allows immediate issuance of conference passcodes 24 hours per day. Since its inception, the Instant Passcode Link has afforded our agents and […]

LDMI Introduces ConnecT xTreme

LDMI Telecommunications, a division of Talk America Holdings Inc., today introduced ConnecT xTreme, a dedicated Internet access service of 3mbps. ConnecT xTreme is available to businesses in LDMIs Michigan and Ohio service areas. The services speeds range from 3mbps up to 6mbps. ConnecT xTreme also offers customer premise equipment, five IP addresses, 20 e-mail accounts, […]

Openet Upgrades FusionWorks

OSS provider Openet Telecom today released FusionWorks Mediation Version 4.1 so carriers can manage distributed operations and speed up the time required to market new services. The upgraded version includes a feature named Multiple Workspaces, the Fast Data Store and enhanced error event management. Multiple Workspaces reduces the resources required to support additional installations and […]

SBC Lowers Cost of Yahoo! DSL Express Service

SBC Communications Inc. is offering residential subscribers new to its SBC Yahoo! DSL Express service a special deal on high-speed Internet access. For the next 31 days, new residential subscribers ordering online through sbc.com or sbc.yahoo.com will receive 12 months of service for $19.95 per month. The price requires a one-year term commitment and SBC […]

Making Sense of Wireless Broadband — Part I

With all the MegaHertzes and 802.whatevers being bandied about, you might be confused as to what the difference is between WiMAX and pre-WiMAX, licensed and unlicensed, GSM and CDMA. But categorizing wireless broadband is essential to knowing what to pitch to your customers. In Part I of a two-part series, we discuss cellular broadband technologies. […]

ADSL, VDSL, ChocolateDSL…

Like a good ice cream shop, the folks responsible for bringing you affordable broadband over copper are constantly inventing new taste sensations. But the acronym-filled world of DSL can be overwhelming. A reasoned look at the not-quite-31 flavors of DSL cuts through the confusion. The differences between types of DSL hinge mostly on the fact […]

Wi-Max is Hype, but Will That Change?

Wi-Max is a promising technology that could allow service providers to blanket entire cities with Internet access at lightning speeds. It’s all hype for now, but Patrick Leary, Alvarion’s assistant vice president of marketing said there are some key developments on the horizon. "No one can give you a Wi-Max case study" because there are […]

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