Cable Grows Up: Say Hello to DOCSIS 3.1

Cable’s DOCSIS is ready to take a big step forward. This gallery describes the technology enhancement and explains to businesses and their channel partners what they need to know to prepare for it.

Verizon Beats AT&T, Surging T-Mobile in Network Rankings

Speed might be the most noteworthy of the individual categories. Verizon took back the lead it lost to AT&T six months ago. The biggest reason? America’s largest carrier added capacity to relieve congestion in big cities.

Verizon Trash-Talks Cablevisions 100mbps Offer

”Parlor trick.” That’s the assessment of Verizon Communications Inc. when it comes to the just-announced 101mbps broadband offer from Cablevision Systems. Spokesperson Eric Rabe did a little trash talking in the Verizon policy blog Wednesday afternoon, characterizing Cablevision as way late to the 100mbps game. “Verizon first demonstrated the ability to deliver 100mbps to the […]

Cablevision Slays Bandwidth Bogeyman with Uncapped 100mbps Service

Beginning May 11, Cablevision Systems plans to introduce 101mbps Internet service for its 5 million subscribers in New York with no bandwidth cap. The deployment is made possible by it’s DOCSIS 3.0 implementation. The 101mbps downstream,15mbps upstream service will cost users $99.95 per month. As DOCSIS 3.0 is now making it possible for cablecos to […]

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