FCC Sticks to Nov. 28 Deadline, but Changes Likely

As pressure mounted for the FCC to relent on its deadline for VoIP E911, the U.S. regulatory agency stuck to its guns in the short term, continuing to insist that VoIP service providers file letters of compliance by Nov. 28. However, the breadth of voice being raised in opposition to the FCCs actions with regard […]

8 Tips for Transitioning to IP Telephony

There is much to consider when planning for an IP telephony deployment  from business requirements, to product evaluation and vendor selection, etc. However, there are many process issues that will require some effort and attention regardless of the product or vendor selected. This article contains a brief list of issues that are typically overlooked, […]

Product News

VAPPS RELEASES HYBRID CONFERENCING PLATFORM Audio conferencing systems provider Vapps has upgraded its Conference Bridge 1000 platform. The device now accommodates hybrid technologies; this means if the Internet connection goes down, the platform automatically switches from IP to the TDM. The CB1000 is SIP-enabled. It supports up to 18,000 conference participants in multiple simultaneous conferences, […]

Qwest Director Donohue Resigns

Qwest Communications International Inc. said today that Thomas Donohue, a director of the company, resigned from his role as of Monday, July 11. Donohue is president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Bob Toevs, a Qwest spokesman, says Donohue stepped down to focus on that position. Donohue was a director since 2001. […]

AirMagnet Creates Analysis Solution with Cognios Technology

AirMagnet Inc., which develops WLAN security and performance technology, today announced a new laptop-based RF spectrum analysis solution for Wi-Fi networks. The AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer based on Cognio’s Intelligent Spectrum Management System (ISMS) identifies the specific sources of interference that can undermine the performance of wireless networks. AirMagnet and Cognio are exhibiting at this weeks […]

eCHANNEL: How to Create the Ultimate User Experience

Posted: 12/2002 Optimizing Online Sales Strategies Part 3 How to Create the Ultimate User Experience By Dr. Bonny Brown and Dr. Anthony Bastardi TELECOM COMPANIES FACE A CLASSIC issue in deciding whether to concentrate on capturing market share or catering to the most profitable segments. A well-designed Web site is an inexpensive way to pursue […]

Trading Desk – Arbinet-thexchange Presents Solution to Calling Code Confusion

Posted: 03/2001 Trading Desk Arbinet-thexchange Presents Solution to Calling Code Confusion By Bruce Christian Recognizing that calling code confusion currently costs the world’s telecom carriers hundreds of millions of dollars annually, Arbinet-thexchange Inc. (www.thexchange.com), a full-service trading solution for buyers and sellers of telephony bandwidth, has implemented an international calling code management program. Arbinet averages […]

Business News – Optical Consortium Seeks Automatic Provisioning

Posted: 03/2000 Optical Consortium Seeks Automatic Provisioning BY CHARLOTTE WOLTER A new optical internetworking initiative, the Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI), opens the possibility of automating the service provisioning and bandwidth grooming that is one of the most serious bottlenecks in the delivery of optical network services. The ODSI, supported initially by Sycamore Networks Inc. […]

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