H20: Go-Juice for Cell Phones?

Posted: 12/2003 H20: Go-Juice for Cell Phones? Canadian scientists at the University of Alberta report the development of a method that allows cell phones to be powered by water. The report is published in the Institute of Physics Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering. Driven by one of natures most used elements, the technology could provide […]

Who Is Minding the Store?

Posted: 11/2003 Who Is Minding the Store? Study Reveals Changes in Channel Mix, Compensation Strategies By Gary Lawrence and Mike MacManus Sales have been and will continue to be the lifeblood of the telecommunications industry. However, companies are relying more and more on outsourced agents to grow their businesses and take care of their customers. […]

WNP Worsens Wireless War

Posted: 11/2003 WNP Worsens Wireless War By Josh Long The U.S. wireless industry, where six phone giants spar each quarter to protect their turf and acquire new customers, is poised to get even more cutthroat. Nov. 24 is the day Verizon Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. mobile carrier, and its rivals must start allowing customers […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Smooth Operators

Posted: 8/2003 Smooth Operators By Khali Henderson NEW WHOLESALERS EASE ENTRY INTO HOSTED IP TELEPHONY MARKETThe Yankee Group published research in April indicating 30 percent of wireline service providers interviewed identified IP Centrex offerings to be the application most demanded by their customers. All of the service providers interviewed either have an offering in place […]

Carrier Channel: SEC: WorldCom Execs Concealed Glut, Investigators Say

Posted: 7/2003 WorldCom Execs Concealed Glut, Investigators Say By Josh Long WorldComs Bernie Ebbers It is a familiar story. In 2000, ailing carriers sought to topple their rivals by undercutting them on price because most of the worlds network capacity was underutilized. WorldCom Inc. was not immune to the pressure: Line costs, which represented about […]

No UNE-P Draft Circulating at FCC, Says Source

There is no draft proposal “circulating” at the Federal Communications Commission that would phase out local telephone resale regulations governing the unbundled network element – platform (UNE-P) over two years, a source close to the matter said Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that an FCC draft proposes a two-year transition period before rivals […]


Posted: 12/2002 CORRECTIONS & CLARIFICATIONS INCORRECT OR INCOMPLETE INFORMATION about the following companies was listed in the Fall 2002 Telecom Carriers, Resellers & Agents Source Book. Here are the correct listings. We regret any inconvenience. Please contact Sharon Maher with any questions, concerns or further corrections. ( To list your company in our Spring 2003 […]

Survivor: Telecom

Posted: 10/2002 Survivor: Telecom Who Will Outdo the Competition? Experts Pick Their Favorites Philip Jacobson CONTESTANTS ON THE CBS series Survivor have nothing on today’s telecom executives. Dropped into the heart of the tech bust, these players have had it tougher longer than any two-bit game show contestant. Of course, today’s telecom marketplace is far […]


Posted: 08/2002 Overheard… –Bill Esrey, chairman and CEO, Sprint Corp. … at SUPERCOMM in Atlanta … "Telecom will change at warp speed and not everybody will be able to keep up. … Today’s market is no place for companies with single service solutions or a weakened balance sheet." Brush After Every Call Soon all your […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: VarTec-Lightyear Merger Bust Blamed on Banks

Posted: 04/2002 VarTec-Lightyear Merger Bust Blamed on Banks By Josh LongVarTec Telecom Inc., the privately held long-distance company known for its dial-around success, has called off plans to merge with Louisville, Ky.-based Lightyear Communications Inc., a switchless reseller, which markets to small and medium-sized businesses mostly through agents. What could have gone wrong between two […]

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