It’s in the Bag

KA-CHING! THE SWEET SOUND of a sale ringing up is the heart of the business for any retailer. Wireless dealers can help merchandisers hear that sound more often and save money at the same time through applications that address customer behavior, PoS, inventory and supply-chain needs, and more. The retail vertical is full of promising […]

BatteryCorp Signs Deal with Lucent, Unveils Audit Program

BatteryCorp Inc., a provider of lifecycle management solutions for network battery backup systems, today unveiled the Sensible and Sound Power Emergency Backup Power Audit program for mobile network operators. Lucent Technologies Inc. will act as a channel partner for BatteryCorp and will integrate the Sensible and Sound program into the Lucent Worldwide Services network power […]

Not Necessarily News

The Central Texas Parole Violator Facility in San Antonio won the first of three systems to be awarded in Strix Systems Inc.’s Ethernet- Unfriendly Building Contest. Strix Systems designs, develops and markets wireless network systems, and sponsored the three month-long contest which ended in April. The idea was to present one enterprise-class wireless network system […]

Sound Policy or Bellfare?

Posted: 10/2003 Sound Policy or Bellfare? Regulatory Uncertainties Could Impact Positive Momentum By H. Russell Frisby Jr. The sparks needed to re-ignite the telecommunications industrys flame are being seen as competitive services providers continue to increase their customer bases, improve their balance sheets and begin to seek out ways to expand their market shares and […]

Safe & Sound Business

Posted: 1/2003 special report To Serve & Protect Safe & Sound Business Partners Find Opportunities with Network Security By Tara Seals IN AN AGE OF IP-BASED VOICE, video and data communications, trillions of packets of information fly around the planet, thanks to company and governmental networks that route information to those allowed to see it. […]

Wired for Sound Residential Business

Posted: 06/1999 Wired for Sound Residential Business By Michael Jennison Deregulation and emerging technologies are leveling the playing field and opening the door to opportunities for telecommunications service providers in the residential market. But they also are creating a cutthroat environment that has telecom companies scrambling to retain customers and at the same time expand […]

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