Posted: 04/2002 CARRIER CHANNEL MAN OVERBOARD Ethernet Hype Dampened by Market Realities, Technical Challenges Ethernet is caught in the undertow of market realities and technical challenges — the latter will soon be solved, but may not be a big enough lifeboat to save upstart wholesalers. CAN CARRIER’S CARRIERS SURVIVE OVER LONG HAUL? The growing list […]

A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future

Posted: 12/1998 A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future As I sit down to address this letter, I am torn over what to talk about. Access reform. Slamming. Election results. Each current. Each controversial. Yet, my thoughts keep coming back to one thing–my grandmother, Edith Smith LaBronte Cox. She died yesterday; she was 89. She […]

Technically Speaking

Posted: 11/1998 Technically Speaking Voice Recognition May Soon Unseat DTMF By Jennifer Knapp Dual tone multifrequency (DTMF), the de facto standard user interface for most enhanced telecommunications services, is on the verge of being pushed aside by speech-recognition technology. "Microsoft has demonstrated in PCs (personal computers) the power that control of the user interface provides," […]


Posted: 05/1998 Beware: Bell Companies Soon May Be Nipping at Your Heels Nearly everyone agrees that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has brought mixed results after two years, but few are more disappointed by the slow pace of competition than the framers of that legislation. Now, it seems, even they have had enough. If the […]

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