Mixed Messages

Posted: 06/1999 Mixed Messages State Anti-Slamming Rules Conflict with FCC Order By James Veilleux The anti-slamming rules issued by the Federal Communi-cations Commission (FCC) are by no means the last word. State rules still apply. At least 38 states have rules against slamming, and at least 20 states’ rules are significantly different from the FCC’s. […]

A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future

Posted: 12/1998 A Sentimental Journey … Into the Future As I sit down to address this letter, I am torn over what to talk about. Access reform. Slamming. Election results. Each current. Each controversial. Yet, my thoughts keep coming back to one thing–my grandmother, Edith Smith LaBronte Cox. She died yesterday; she was 89. She […]

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