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HPE Formalizes ‘Complete’

HPE is now talking about HPE Complete. Technology partners have been talking about it for a couple of years.

What Is the Secret to Success?

Matt Duray, President and CEO, The Connect Group I have done a lot of reading and attended seminars and training and what I have garnered throughout all of this ongoing education is that there is a pretty consistent theme. I don’t know if I can really call it the secret to success, but I do […]

Whos Driving the Sale Anyway?

By Cary Bush, Sales Director for Voice Services, Logista So often we VARs hear the sales pitch of the hardware and software manufacturers that it is all about selling “applications” these days. Gone are the days of legacy systems and solutions and now it is all about the apps, they say. In the channel, we […]

Agents Resting on Their Laurels

      By Peter Radizeski, President of RAD-INFO In Consulting Magazine this month, Deloitte announced 18 percent in year-over-year growth and double-digit growth rates for the past four or five years. Deloitte notes that it probably can’t sustain that rate, but the secret was in staying ahead of the curve in what its customers need. […]

Channel Partners: A Trunk of Burning VoIP Sales

If theres one area in VoIP thats making partners a lot of money, its SIP trunking. The demand for that PRI replacement solution has been growing steadily, and its a service that represents a way for VARs to shore up hardware margins and for agents to get involved in the VoIP game. Theres still plenty […]

Channel Partners: Cbeyond Opens New Markets

Cbeyond Inc. (Booth 1431), an IP-based managed services provider to small businesses and sponsor of the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, announced that is actively recruiting channel partners in its two newest regional markets, San Francisco and Miami; they are the ninth and tenth markets, respectively, that Cbeyond serves. The Greater San Francisco Bay Area […]

SIPping into Something More Comfortable: SIP Trunking Offers Real SMB Opportunity

While channel partners wrestle with the difficulty and complexity of selling hosted VoIP to SMBs, another converged technology has emerged as a bright spot in the IP landscape: SIP trunking. The demand for that PRI replacement solution has been steadily growing, and, more importantly, partners are finding businesses to be more comfortable with SIP trunking […]

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