Access One Bolsters Executive Team

Service provider Access One Inc. has hired two new executives.Jonathan Mitch Mitchell will serve as vice president of operations, responsible for the network and operations departments. He will provide technical and service direction for Access One and manage its network. Prior to joining the company, Mitchell worked for corporations including MCI Inc., MFS Communications, Worldcom, […]

Arbinet Adds TDM Traffic Option to New VoIP Exchange

Minutes trader Arbinet-thexchange Inc., which launched what it calls a partitioned softswitch service last year for the termination of VoIP traffic, has now extended that service with the addition of TDM ports for customers that do not yet have the infrastructure to deliver VoIP traffic. Steve Heap, CTO of Arbinet, says the company decided to […]

Product News

OPENET UPGRADES FUSIONWORKS OSS provider Openet Telecom Inc. has released FusionWorks Mediation Version 4.1 so carriers can manage distributed operations and reduce new services’ time to market. The upgraded version includes a featured named Multiple Workspaces, the Fast Data Store and enhanced error-event management. Multiple Workspaces reduces the resources required to support additional installations and […]

XO Launches Termination Service for VoIP Providers

XO Communications Inc. (Booth 717) announced the availability of its termination service for carrier customers that provide VoIP services to businesses and consumers. XO VoIP Termination allows customers to terminate long-distance voice calls to domestic locations in the United States using XOs national IP network and softswitch technology. XO VoIP Termination enables broadband telephony providers […]

MetaSwitch Broadens Call Agent, Distributed-Network Choices

MetaSwitch (Booth 828), a vendor of Class 5 VoIP softswitches, has extended its portfolio of softswitch products with the introduction of a new high-capacity call-agent server, the CA9020 Call Agent. In addition, the company has announced that its VP3510 can be configured as a standalone media gateway and/or signaling gateway, enhancing the vendors distributed softswitch […]

Softswitch by the Slice

For carriers, delivering facilities-based VoIP can be an expensive yet QoS-enabled proposition involving building out an expensive core network design, or it can be bare bones, relying on limited infrastructure to deliver best-efforts service. Until recently, it was either-or. Now, a virtual network model has burst on the scene, giving smaller players access to the […]

Lightyear Gets XSTREAM

Lightyear Network Solutions LLC (Booth 604) has announced strategic partnerships with Level 3 Communications Inc. (Booth 710), Covad Communications Group Inc. and Sylantro Systems Corp. to deliver Lightyears new XSTREAM, a suite of VoIP and broadband products for business and residential customers. The business-class products include VoIP, DSL, local PRI, dynamic T1, IP Centrex and […]

Caerus Tenders Free Softswitch Offer for Resellers

Posted: 10/2003 Caerus Tenders Free Softswitch Offer for Resellers By Khali Henderson Caerus Inc., the third venture for softswitch pioneer Shawn Lewis, announced in August it will provide the new CONX softswitch developed by subsidiary Caerus Networks Inc. at no cost to qualified service providers. In turn, service providers must purchase voice transport, high-speed data […]

Softswitch Evolution

Posted: 06/2001 Softswitch Evolution It Took a While, but Softswitches are Making Their Mark on Local Service By Charlotte Wolter After a long gestation period of hype and refinement, softswitches finally are coming into commercial play in support of a handful of carrier rollouts of local services. If the initial experiences of these service providers […]

Softswitches Challenge Global Carriers

Posted: 08/2000 Softswitches Challenge Global Carriers The softswitch, or media gateway controller (MGC), may revolutionize telecommunications services. It will push intelligent function to the edge of the network, enable voice and data convergence, and allow the flexibility of local service creation with the possibility of centralized control. Through open APIs, it fosters wide-scale innovation of […]

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