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Twitter, Facebook Skills Could Get You Hired

A year ago, most people had never even heard of Twitter. Now, knowing the ins and outs of the site could be the difference between landing a job and staying unemployed. This is especially true if you’re in the communications field, including advertising and marketing, MarketPro president Bob Van Rossum told The Rossum says […]

Using Social Media to Build Your Business

If you haven’t noticed, there is a new sheriff in town and its name is Social Media, led by the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. As newspapers go under, these upstart social media networks are getting billion-dollar valuations. Facebook is worth, on paper at least, more than General Motors, Chrysler or Ford — maybe […]

Building Relationships With Tweets and Tags

By Shawn Cordner, Manager, Strategic Development, PAETEC You have probably heard the term “Social Media” (SM) being thrown around a lot lately, and if Ashton Kutcher and Oprah are any indication, everyone is doing it and you should be too. The term refers to a number of platforms on the Web where people congregate, communicate […]

Take Control of Your Web Strategy

In the 1990s having a Web site was an afterthought. In the early 2000s, businesses realized the potential of the Web, but only looked at it as a supplement to traditional advertising and marketing. Today, wise companies realize having a rock-solid Web site not only can provide them with lead generation, but also provide them […]

10 Ways to Move from Cost Cutting to Money Making

You suspended pay raises and bonuses. You canceled the cable for the TV in the breakroom. You haven’t taken a full paycheck since the end of the summer. You even whittled the once-lavish holiday party down to a few cheese and veggie trays from the supermarket and a name-drawn gift exchange with a $10 limit. […]

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