social media marketing


Marketin It Old School Isnt Cool

As technology allows instantaneous sharing between brands and end-users, old school” marketing tactics are becoming outdated.

Sales Success Tools Part 2: Opportunity Management

The second installment of this two-part series surveys new technology platforms sales professionals use to solidify their status as trusted advisers and make their sales cycles shorter, smoother and more fruitful.

Sales Success Tools – Part I: Brand Building

The first installment of this two-part series gives an overview of the reputation management and personal brand-building tools sales professionals can use to establish credibility and build trust.

6 Social Media Tools for a Co-Marketing Makeover

As social media becomes a valuable tool in acquiring and nurturing customer relationships, channel partners should ask for  and get  social media marketing support from suppliers.

Branding Key to Social Media Marketing Success

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook … no matter what you call it or how you use it, you cannot deny that social media marketing is here to stay. More and more business-to-business organizations are seeing its value and figuring out how to use social media marketing within their current outreach plans.

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