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  Vol 21, No. 8 August 2007   SHOP TALK EMBARQING ON THE CHANNEL MVN-OH-NO? AMPD AFTERMATH RCN AND NEON: A MATCH MADE IN WHOLESALE HEAVEN? NEWS BRIEFS PORTFOLIO HARMONIC CONVERGENCE Despite the high-volume hype, unified communications requires some fine tuning. FIRST CONTACT Contact center system enhancements aim for one-call resolution. TOOLBOX COMPENSATING FOR CHANGE New […]


The Telecom Service SMBs Really Want By Dan Baldwin LETS FACE IT TELECOM sales in todays war-weary economy isnt that much fun. Sure theres quite a bit of buzz within the channel about hosted and equipment-based VoIP sales finally picking up with SMBs. But its not like business owners are getting our numbers out of […]

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AS CHIEF COUNSEL AND LEGISLATIVE director for Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, in the mid-90s, I and my colleagues on the Hill worked tirelessly negotiating and drafting key provisions of the 1996 Telecommunications Act that would spur competition and innovation. Congress laid the groundwork for the FCC to implement pro-competitive and pro-consumer policies. Pioneering upstarts were […]

Soap Box

SOMETHING IS CHANGING the world over. After all the hype, consumers are at last enjoying true freedom in the world of technology. Whether they are e-mailing, sharing photos, downloading music or surfing the Web, they are beginning to enjoy multiple applications on a single device as they switch seamlessly from one network to another. And […]


LAST YEAR, WE ALL WONDERED what was going to be the impact of the big megamergers: Sprint Corp. with Nextel, followed by MCI with Verizon Communications Inc., followed by AT&T Corp. with SBC Communications Inc. and then BellSouth Corp. thrown in on top. Surely, this was going to be bad for those of us building […]

Soap Box: Not All Contracts are Created Equal

Posted: 3/2004 Not All Contracts are Created EqualBy Jim Gledhill and Bill Power Jim Gledhill Bill Power Some lessons are very expensive to learn. Heres one for agents compliments of the Agent Alliance: Your contracts with your providers are among the most important documents you will ever sign. The Agent Alliance was formed six years […]

Soap Box: ISPs Must Back Common Anti-spam Policies, Technologies

Posted: 9/2003 ISPs Must Back Common Anti-spam Policies, Technologies By Laurence S. Donahue, Esq. The wave of disgust over unwanted, unsolicited, offensive and fraudulent e-mail is reaching a fever pitch in the United States as Congress faces pressure from consumer groups and state attorneys general to take a hard-line approach to curbing these annoyances. Americans […]

Soap Box: The Interoperability Imperative & the New Era of Trust

Posted: 8/2003 The Interoperability Imperative & the New Era of Trust By Jeffrey E. Ganek Two powerful trends are about to reshape the telecom, Internet and IT sectors in a big way. These trends also promise to affect e-commerce in ways that will touch the lives of consumers in just about every area, from simple […]

Soap Box: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Posted: 7/2003 Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? By Neil S. Ende, Alexandre B. Bouton and Tom K. Sinai Slamming. The word itself conjures up images of aggressive, even violent, misconduct. It is quite appropriate then that, in the telecom world, the word has become associated with unauthorized conversion of a consumers telephone service. From […]

Soap Box: Calling All Agents: This is Your Fight, Too

Posted: 6/2003 Calling All Agents: This is Your Fight, Too By Lance Honea The purpose of this editorial is to share with you SBC Communications Inc.’s latest attempts to eliminate UNE-P, why you as an agent should care and what you can do about it. Less than a month after the CLECs’ victory on UNE-P […]

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