Accudata Unveils Near Real-Time WebQuery

Accudata Technologies (Booth 1622) is announcing the availability of WebQuery, which offers customers real-time, online access to LIDB, CNAM, BNA information for low-volume, customer support type functions. Additionally WebQuery allows near real-time LIDB/CNAM updates to information stored in Accudatas database for such applications as telemarketing. The industry standard is about 30 days, says Gregory Smith, […]

Market Trends Session Analyzes Impact of Consolidation on Wholesalers

While the industry evolves and major providers continue to consolidate, service providers are left to wonder what the future holds for wholesale services in domestic and international voice and data markets. Todays general session, Wholesale Market Trends, will address those concerns and more. Moderated by ATLANTIC-ACM CEO Judy Reed Smith, the session will discuss shifts […]

They Say That Merging Up Is Hard To Do

“I think there is a lot of buzz in the industry right now about further consolidation.”- XO CEO Carl Grivner Driven by a frenzy of activity in the wireless industry, the megamergers reminiscent of the dotcom era have resurfaced - but the same cannot be said for competitive wireline providers. Competitors like McLeodUSA Inc. are still grappling […]

Co-opetition Comes to the Local Market

With little to sustain them in the way of wins on the regulatory front, competitive service providers are getting creative. AT&T Corp., for example, announced marketing agreements with cablecos Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter and Mediacom which allow AT&T to refer CallVantage purchasers to the appropriate local cable operator for the broadband connection required for […]

Get Plugged In: Wholesale Forum to Stir Debate

Topics at todays General Session Wholesale Executive Forum are likely to run the gamut from discussions of VoIP to carrier issues to the regulatory climate to CLEC consolidation. To echo moderator Judy Reed Smith, CEO of Atlantic-ACM, the debates promise to be interesting and maybe "we can get some good controversy going." Reed Smith says […]

Wall Street to Reform Analyst Conflicts

Aiming to close one of the darkest chapters in the history of Wall Street, federal and state regulators announced a $1.4 billion settlement agreement Friday with the largest brokerage firms to penalize them for bogus ratings and separate future research from investment banking opportunities. The agreement has not been finalized and requires the approval of […]

Collaborative: Volo Communications Launches Agent Program

Posted: 08/2002 Volo Communications Launches Agent Program As a result of its merger with 303Conferencing, Caerus Inc. has created a subsidiary called Volo Communications Inc., which offers conferencing, presence, Web collaboration, voice-activated and long-distance services. Volo’s distribution strategy includes an agent program that already counts nearly 10 partners. Shawn Lewis, CEO and president of Caerus, […]

ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges

Posted: 1/2002 ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges By Josh Long #1: Homer and Lance Daniels, Plex-net Communications Services Inc.; Pam and Craig Hill, Virtual Back Office Software Inc. #2: Karen Chase and John Huddleston, Qwest Communications International Inc. #3: Bob Jacobs and Troy Baldree, Access Point Inc.; Paul Valenzuela, Call Center […]

E-Channel – Telezoo Signs Lucent, Nary A VAR in Sight

Posted: 04/2001 E-Channel Telezoo Signs Lucent, Nary A VAR in Sight By Becky Bracken n a move that some say signals the telecommunications industry’s growing confidence in B2B marketplaces’ ability to sell products and services cheaply and efficiently, Corp. ( has announced that it has become the first telecom e-marketplace to sign a top-tiered […]

Regulatory News – Competitive Covenants

Posted: 11/2000 Competitive Covenants: Are BOCs Promising Too Much Too Soon? By Kim Sunderland A class-action lawsuit filed against SBC Communications Inc. ( alleges the BOC purposely slowed Internet access speeds to preserve bandwidth, while it pulled in thousands of DSL customers through its Project Pronto. The ILEC denies the charges. In New York, Verizon Communications […]

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