Verizon Makes Another Move for MCI

Verizon Communications Inc. has agreed to purchase 43.4 million shares of MCI Inc. common stock for $25.72 per share from eight entities affiliated with billionaire Carlos Slim Helu in the fight between Verizon and Qwest Communications International Inc. to acquire MCI. While this was an opportunity for us to purchase a block of shares under […]

Global Crossing Recovery Hits Speed Bump

Four months out of bankruptcy, Global Crossing Ltd. is taking a detour on its road to recovery. The carrier disclosed in April the access charges it paid to local phone companies were greater than it had estimated in its financial statements. Global Crossing revealed it may have to restate financial results for 2002 and 2003 […]

Shrinkage, Not Just Slim Margins, in Profits’Way

Posted: 07/1999 Shrinkage, Not Just Slim Margins, in Profits’ Way By Mark Darrow Despite rumors to the contrary, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 actually has produced a richly competitive landscape. There literally are hundreds of competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) in each incumbent LEC (ILEC) calling area. Business customers and individual consumers throughout the United […]

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