Long Storey Short: Be Smart, Drive Change

Jeff Storey, president and CEO of WilTel Communications, delivered his keynote address at the CompTel/ASCENT convention with the dry humor characteristic of WilTels signature marketing campaign featuring editorial cartoons by Fred Hilliard. Indeed, the kickoff slide was just such a cartoon depicting screaming telecom executives on a roller coaster ride. The caption: Telecom. The thrill […]

Local Resellers Slide Over to the Internet

Posted: 06/2000 Local Resellers Slide Over to the Internet Even the Die-Hards Back Away By Ken Branson A little more than a year ago, UniDial Communications Inc. ( and Bell Atlantic Corp. ( announced what they said was the biggest local service resale deal ever: a $300 million, five-year deal with discounts much deeper than […]

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