Stonehenge Telecom Intros Tablet PC

The Stonehenge Slate is available in 7- and 10-inch screen sizes, and comes equipped with the Android 2.3 operating system, with Windows 7 as an option on the 10-inch model.

RIM BlackPad Said to Make Real-Life Appearance Very Soon

The field of slate computing devices is slowly widening, and any wireless or connected home pipe provider worth its salt should probably start thinking about how to leverage this so-called fourth screen” while the conversation is still wide open.


Presidential Debates Go Online Only Charlie Rose Yahoo!, The Huffington Post and Slate Magazine will host two online-only presidential debates during the 2008 campaign. The debates will stream from all three Web sites and voters will be able to ask candidates questions directly, in real time. PBS host Charlie Rose will moderate the events, which […]

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