IP VPNs Ready for Take Off

IP virtual private networks (VPN) are the Lear Jets of the networking world: They make sure offices, departments, telecommuters or employees on the road with broadband access can travel safely across the public Internet by using secure, encrypted tunnels to open up private paths of communication. There’s no need to clear flight paths or wait […]

Revenue Unbound

Part of a two-session track dedicated to wireless service opportunities, “Wi-Fi Wow” is designed to show agents precisely how and where to mine revenue opportunities for high-speed wireless Internet. Countless business opportunities exist along the broadband wireless service delivery chain, and agents can profit from the growing demand for enterprise-class wireless LAN and public hotspots. […]

Carrier Channel:News Briefs

Posted: 7/2003 News Briefs T-Systems International GmbHs unit for carriers carrier business, International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), has announced interconnection with SONOFON at a new point of presence in Copenhagen. This gives the two companies access to the other mobile operators directly interconnected with each others networks. ICSS offers mobile operators access to T-Systems […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Time Warner Cable Floats on SkyRiver

Posted: 5/2003 Time Warner Cable Floats on SkyRiver By Khali Henderson Time Warner Cable will supplement its fiber optic and cable broadband network with broadband wireless access from SkyRiver Communications Inc. in the San Diego area — a move that more and more broadband service providers are considering as a way to increase margins and […]


Posted: 06/2002 News Briefs Wholesale wireless broadband network provider SkyRiver Communications Inc. has added several new resellers to its San Diego-affiliate distribution program, including Southern California T1, Global Internet and Pacific Centrex. SkyRiver offers symmetrical bandwidth at 1.5mbps and 2.5mbps at retail rates up to 50 percent below comparable T1 offerings. The resellers complement SkyRiver’s […]

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