BroadSoft, Taqua Deliver Class 5 Switch Replacement, Advanced IP Services

Taqua Inc. and BroadSoft Inc. have partnered to provide Class 5 switch-replacement and advanced IP services to service providers in the United States and Canada. Taqua, which has been working with BroadSoft to better integrate each others products, will bundle and resell the BroadSoft BroadWorks VoIP application platform to ILECs, MSOs and other CLECs. The […]

TelecomNEXT Exhibits to Triple TELECOM 05 in Size

While TELECOM 05 this week at the Venetian Conference Center has 50,000 net square feet of exhibit space and is expected to draw 7,000 attendees. USTelecoms next big event, TelecomNEXT, will be about three times that size, says Walter B. McCormick Jr., president and CEO of USTelecom. “TelecomNEXT is a new kind of trade show, […]

Whats NEXT?

Its been a terrific week here in Las Vegas, with lots of informative, and often entertaining, speeches, sessions and show floor discussions and demos. But all good things must end. This marks the final day for the TELECOM 05 exhibit floor, and the shows conference programs conclude tomorrow. While working on this current show and […]

Size Isn’t Everything

The latest edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s U.S. Wholesale Long Distance Carrier Report Card reveals megamergers are set to drive shrinkage in the segment. Assuming the SBC Communications Inc./AT&T Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc./MCI Inc. combinations are completed, total wholesale long-distance voice and data revenue will decline from 2004 revenue of $24.5 billion at a compound annual […]

Size Matters

By Conferencing has been a popular and necessary service for large businesses and enterprises for years. Meanwhile, small and medium businesses have suffered from a lack of offers that fit their needs. Most SMBs don’t need a fully integrated system with unified messaging, morphing Web presentation Windows and Webcast capability, and they definitely don’t need […]

The Pitch: Size Matters–With Self-Provisioning, Smaller Can Be Better

Posted: 05/2000 Size Matters– With Self-Provisioning, Smaller Can Be Better By Josh Martin While major long-distance carriers tout long-awaited services, they probably should keep an eye on independents. That is because some smaller carriers are attracting new customers as they forge strategic alliances and develop niche markets.Web-based self-provisioning is not evolving the way some analysts […]

Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins

Posted: 10/1999 Second Phase of Carrier Consolidation Begins By Ken Branson Mergers and acquisitions are always described by the people involved as a "win-win situation" or "the creation of a powerhouse" or some such superlative. However, things get lost, as well as gained, in a merger. The business of corporate consolidation used to be simple. […]

Special Access

Posted: 06/1998 Special Access IXCs Seek CLECs for Local Connections By Ken Branson Long distance and local exchange companies one day may be integrated communications providers. But for now, they still operate in an environment that resembles the regulated-monopoly environment of the past. For example, long distance companies still typically purchase local network access, or […]

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