Not Necessarily News

Posted: 02/2001 Overheard … … during an interview with PHONE+ … "I think there’s going to be a huge amount of business to go around [this year], and that’s the good news. The swift and the courageous and the efficient will be very, very big companies, and people associated with them will be among the […]

E-Channel: Web Wireless Sales Predicted to Mature

Posted: 01/2001 Web Wireless Sales Predicted to Mature By Josh Long The men and women who cram into the subways in Boston and New York scan the headlines and stock quotes printed in The Boston Globe ( or The New York Times ( It’s a scenario not likely to vanish, even as next-generation wireless technology […]

Agency Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 09/2000 News Briefs * Telegroup Inc., a Primus Company (, launched in August a new agent web portal,, which offers ASP solutions to help agents sell Telegroup’s bundled services online. The portal offers agent-branded ASP platforms that range from small e-commerce and web hosting sites to large storefront e-commerce sites. It also will […]

Collocation Moves into Neutral Territory

Posted: 02/1999 Collocation Moves into Neutral Territory By Khali Henderson Investment Equities Associates’ New World Tower carrier hotel located in downtown Miami Source: Investment Equities Associates Frustrated that their international carrier’s expansion plans were bogged down by the inability to easily place new switches, Jim Lavin, Sheila Peterson and Bob Marmon left Arbinet, New York, […]

Frame Relay’s Nothing to Fear

Posted: 12/1998 Frame Relay’s Nothing to Fear By Kieren McCobb Frame relay exploded on the telecommunications scene in the 1990s and is now a popular service in its own right. Most agents who have been selling long distance or other telecom services are familiar with the term, but few are selling it. Here’s why they […]

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