eMarketers Go Beyond the Hit Count

Posted: 05/1999 eMarketers Go Beyond the Hit Count By Khali Henderson Telecommunications services providers and other web-based marketers are becoming more savvy, enlisting ever-more tools to improve the performance of their commerce-enabled websites. With all the "gee whiz" technology, however, web visitors remain largely elusive in a medium in which browsers can come and go […]

Building Brands in Cyberspace

Posted: 03/1999 Building Brands in Cyberspace By Liz Montalbano In cyberspace, marketing is more than just finding a catchy way to get the masses to buy a product. There are myriad factors a brand considers when jockeying for position in a competitive industry–among them the speed of the Internet, the sheer number of users online […]

The Payphone Industry and the Internet

Posted: 04/1998 By Bob Lane The independent payphone industry and the Internet came into being about the same time. In the early years the Internet was not considered a tool of commerce, especially by most independent payphone providers (IPPs). Today, however, the Internet slowly but surely is exerting its forces on the payphone industry. And […]

Considering IP Voice

Posted: 03/1998 Considering IP Voice Packetized Service Offers New Alternative for Telecom Providers Offering voice services that are carried over packetized, rather than the more conventional circuit-switched, networks is becoming a growing new option for network operators and long distance resellers alike. Putting voice services over Internet protocol (IP) links allows carriers such as IDT […]

The Automated Route

Posted: 10/1997 The Automated Route Software Giving IPPs Flexibility, Earning Power By Damon Gross Will the payphone route of the future be a route at all? The day may come when payphones are managed entirely from a single location, able not only to track calls and coin revenue, but also somehow deliver that cash, be […]

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