MCI Wholesale Debuts VoIP Gateway Services

MCI Wholesale Network Services (Booth 201) is introducing SIP and TDM voice gateway services that transport VoIP media between IP networks and the PSTN. These new services will allow MCI wholesale customers to offer VoIP telephony products and services to their end subscribers. Both gateway products include full E911 throughout the entire MCI offering area, […]

Sounding Board: Product News

Posted: 12/2004 SNET DG ENHANCES DATA GATEWAY SERVICES SNET Diversified Group Inc. has enhanced its data gateway service with SIP message processing. The company aims to give VoIP providers access to traditional SS7 databases for the retrieval of call processing and call display information, including toll-free, local number portability, calling name and alternately billed services […]

Product News

MERA DEVELOPS VOIPAL SESSION BORDER CONTROLLER MERA Systems Inc., a supplier of VoIP solutions, has released MERA VoIPal, its new session border controller designed to interconnect carriers’ networks with customer enterprises across IP links. MERA VoIPal performs protocol repair, fixes inconsistencies between protocol dialects and converts media codecs. The two-way SIP/H.323 translation capabilities provide direct […]

Why SIP Alone Wont Enable VoIP to Cross the Chasm

Posted: 4/2004 Why SIP Alone Wont Enable VoIP to Cross the ChasmBy Martin J. Steinmann Martin J. Steinmann When the IETF ratified the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, the VoIP industry finally had the baseline for a new wave of interoperable telephony products. Using SIP as the foundation promised to allow enterprise customers to use […]

Crossing Over

Posted: 11/2003 Crossing Over Audio Conferencing Bridges Digital Divide By David Alexander Since 2001, virtually every audio conferencing bridge vendor has developed either an IP-based solution or a strategy to enter this space by the end of 2003. There are a number of IP-based platforms available to enterprise and service provider customers. While the adoption […]

ASCENT: Showcases Compact Media Gateway, Interworking Enhancements (Booth 603) recently unveiled SHOUT900, a compact media gateway that promises to make voice-over-IP (VoIP) deployments more profitable by virtue of industry-leading functionality, comprehensive feature integration, multiparty interoperability and attractive cost-of-entry. The newest addition to’s SHOUTIP telephony family essentially equips service providers to mine opportunities in rapidly developing markets with a range of […]

Prepaid Section: Blast Off! SIP Launchpad for Value-Added Prepaid IP Services

Posted: 03/2002 Blast Off! SIP Launchpad for Value-Added Prepaid IP Services By Fred Dawson A looming sea change in the way voice over IP operates appears to spell significant new business opportunities for prepaid operations affiliated with carriers in the IP voice space. The linchpin to this shifting IP communications scenario is a fairly simple, […]

IP Call Control Still Under Construction

Posted: 10/1999 IP Call Control Still Under Construction By Charlotte Wolter Building the standards for call control in IP networks is an ongoing process, though the effort has reached an important milestone with H.248 Large-scale deployments of Internet protocol (IP) telephone networks still have failed to materialize, despite several years of feverish interest and investigation […]

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